Sunday, November 25, 2007

Standards and Guides Keep Us Focused

During the making of my first lesson plan, I realized that lesson plans are going to be the daily routine of a teacher. This reminded me of how boring it is going to be to have to do that every single day. As I started on my second lesson plan on multimedia, I realized how exciting it became when I got to create my own way of how my students will learn and incorporating more technology meant more fun, ideas, and creativity to my field of teaching. Because education has advanced in a rather fast paced manner, educators must have guides and standards like the ASSURE lesson plan and NCATE standards to keep one from getting off track from the targeted goal.

The world strives for convenience in everything we do, and technology has given us that opportunity. It has given us the opportunity to give our children a better education by making teaching so much easier. Technology has provided visuals to the visual learners, audio to the audio learners, first hand experience to the kinesthetic learners, and special features to those who have special needs. It has given America’s children the chance to be educated no matter who they are and what they are capable or incapable of doing. Technology has caused lesson plans to bloom with success.

The ASSURE lesson plan has been a wonderful guide to making a lesson plan. It has eased the dreadful idea of creating a lesson plan every day for an entire academic year. I am very glad to see that there is a model of a lesson plan that can help keep me focused on my targeted task. After I finished my multimedia lesson plan, I got the feeling of excitement that cannot wait to see the lesson plan performed. This lesson plan has shown me examples of many things that I can do to incorporate technology into teaching.

The NCATE standards have also been playing a role of a reminder of what my goal is. As a teacher in this generation of technology, I have to remind myself of the upgrade of knowledge and technology, for I tend to see education today as the same as what it was to me as a middle or high school student. The fast growth of computers and higher knowledge in the lives of today’s children is amazingly afar off than it was during my elementary, middle, or high school years. Therefore, NCATE’s standards of incorporating technology in teaching is something new, and the standard guide keeps me in track with the generation of intelligent children.

I, therefore, conclude that teaching is something that can never be static because knowledge is always evolving. New ways of teaching come into play, and without a guide, such as the ASSURE lesson plan, and a goal, such as NCATE standards, we may easily drift into what we feel like teaching that may not necessarily be helpful to our learning children. Students who take what they learn in class and apply them outside are great fruits and rewards of every day, hour, minute, and second of time spent doing lesson plans.