Monday, October 29, 2007

Accommodations Bring Equality

As an educator, I will be expecting students with special needs to waltz through my doors seeking a teacher to accommodate him or her. In this case, lesson plans will be made to accommodate all learners no matter what the physical conditions are.

Before this class, I wasn't expecting to teach any children with disabilities, but I realized that in the real world, I will be facing students who will need more attention than others, and therefore, I will have to structure my lesson plan to include everyone's participation.

As for the Baseball Copyright Game, I imagined having students with disabilities, such as one who cannot walk, one who is deaf, and another who is blind. The game will allow every learner to participate, and this is something that is different than what is recorded in the history of education, when students with special needs were separated from other students, and sometimes had no chance in being educated or had no school that would accommodate their needs.

1. Wheelchair
Student in wheelchair will be able to participate with no difficulty. He or she can wheel himself around the bases.
2. Blind
The blind can participate with an assistance of their teammates as they are led around the bases.
3. Deaf
The deaf can also participate. The deaf should already have an assistant who interprets through sign language when he/she registered for the class. Special accommodations are provided by the school for people with special needs, and therefore, through the sign language interpretation, there would be no difficulty in playing the game.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Introductory Remarks

Hi! My name is May. Welcome to my blog. The following blogs will be in reference to my ED451 class, which is Audio Visual. This class' goal is to equip future educators with advanced technologies and progressive lesson plans that will help teach future classrooms with an incorporated technology lesson plan. Living in a fast pace generation where new technologies keep evolving in a rather fast speed, educators are handed great responsibilities. For now there's no excuses that a physically challenged student can't do what physically-able students can do because we have the technology and the resources to teach students equally. Every student can participate in any activity today. Therefore, this class helps direct future teachers into enlightenment on how to incorporate technology and special needs to today's lesson plan. The following blogs are reactions to the assessments that this class has engaged into.